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What's WA?

Where’s Ally is South Africa’s favourite shoppable and fully interactive travel and fashion blog. We are partnering with local eateries, markets, getaway destinations and other hotspots to showcase South African gems whilst giving you major fashion inspo. Happen to stumble upon a cute café, sensational sundowner spot or any grammable backdrop that makes your Where’s Ally outfit pop? Share the love with us, girl! Mention @shop_wheresally to be our #Allyitgirl of the week.

Who's Ally?

Why WA?

Born during an international pandemic, the vision behind “Where’s Ally” is to inspire every “Ally” in South Africa. Our carefully curated ranges are designed and manufactured in South Africa, creating jobs and sustaining families in our local communities. Our friends and family were super sceptical when we told them we were launching a shoppable travel blog in the midst of a travel ban, but babe, honestly, we could not spend another day dressed in sweats binging Real Housewives, while we really could be living la vida lockdown in our gorgeous country. There’s so much to see, do and eat, but we needed to make sure we’re well-dressed every step of the way.

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How can I become an Ally?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 - Be kind!

Step 2 – Shop your favourite WA styles online or, if you're based in Pretoria, schedule your personal shopping experience here.

Step 3 – Go live your best life! Heading to a music festival? Brunching with your bestie? On a hot date with your beau? We want the deats! Mention us on the gram @shop_wheresally and you could be featured as our #Allyitgirl of the week.

Where's Ally

She’s out exploring corners of the city you didn’t even know existed and visiting local hotspots that you’ve been dying to go to. She’s taking the scenic route; she’s smelling the roses and she’s setting trends everywhere she goes. We encourage you to go out into the world and be the best “Ally” you could be, but remember to take us along for the ride and mention @shop_wheresally.

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